Protest rally against Wasim Rizvi from Yaquhbpura to Dabirpura Darwaza

A massive protest was held on Friday against the former Shia Wakf Board Chairman, Waseem Rizvi, by the Joint Action Committee (JAC) and the locals in the old city premises of Hyderabad.
The public gathered at Bada Bazaar in Yakutpura after performing Friday prayers.

A rally headed by JAC convenor and president Tahreek Muslim Shabban Mohammed Mustaq Malik was taken out by them from Yakutpura to Dabeerpura Darwaza.

The protesters demanded that Rizvi be punished with stringent laws after his blasphemous book and statements. They alleged that the contents of the book were made with the intention of outraging the religious sentiments of the community.

Later, the protestors raised slogans against Waseem Rizvi for indulging in blasphemy and burnt the effigy of Waseem Rizvi.

Reportedly, Wasim has written a book in Hindi vilifying the Prophet Mohammed, Islamic religion, and Muslims. Local protestors feel that there has been a deliberate attempt by Wasim to disturb the peace and tranquillity across the country.

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kazi Maolana Abdul Wahid sahab

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