Message of humanity news Hyderabad: Osmania University to charge monthly fee of Rs 200 from morning walkers

Message of humanity news
Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], December 3 (ANI): To regulate the movement of outsiders, Osmania University in Hyderabad is charging Rs 200 monthly from morning walkers , said vice-chancellor D Ravinder.
Speaking to ANI, Ravinder said, “Our intention is to protect the environment and provide better facilities. We are creating awareness to create green campus, oxygen zones and ECO zones. Osmania University is for everyone. If anybody is not able to pay the fees, let them come and take the ID card and use the roads for walking. To regulate the movement, we are coming with the idea with the interest of the people.”
Ravinder said walkers go around the university. To protect the interest of Osmania University and its students, scholars and the faculty, a dialogue was made with the walkers.

“They (locals) themselves gave the idea and requested me to put some chairs. Subsequently, the senior citizens requested to make BIO toilets and drinking water facilities. Since the request came from the walkers I asked them to pay a nominal fee of Rs 200,” he said.
The vice-chancellor said that some fake news is circulated in media to garner political gains. He said the University spent lakhs of rupees on the gym.
“Due to the COVID pandemic, it was not been used. So we allocated some timing to the university students as well as outside people to utilize the gym facility as a Fit India program. For that, we nominally charge Rs 1000. Similarly, we have three grounds. Outsiders come and walk and leave garbage making the environment dirty. So to regulate the outsider we charged some amount of money and give separate ID cards,” he stated.
Ravinder said that Osmania University has a number of colonies and there are many routes to enter the campus. There are ID cards for students. Vehicles have stickers.
“Recently an unidentified person entered into the forest area of the university and buried a dog that created panic. So such a thing needs to stop,” he added. (ANI)

Message of humanity news

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