Lucknow’s only biryani intends to feed hungry people in view of Kuwaid epidemic

Initially, free food is being provided to 1800 to 2000 people.

LUCKNOW – As Lucknow is gripped by the rise of Quaid 19, a hotel-only biryani that is popular in the state capital for its cuisine, has proved to be the one and only Christ in this difficult time for the needy.

The hotel operates 4-5 vehicles across the city, leading a vegetarian diet for the hungry.

Initially, free food is being provided to 1800 to 2000 people. The restaurant provides food to rickshaw pullers, daily wage earners and people sitting outside city hospitals, colleges, Troyma Centers, Seoul Hospital and Lohia Institute. doing.

Food is being changed every day. With this, the only biryani has started providing home-cooked food to the needy who cannot reach their centers due to any or other ailments. They will also get food.

They have also started a helpline service and anyone in need will have to fill in a few details to get food.

Anyone who wants to eat the only biryani helpline services must enter their name, address and mobile number.

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