Indian Railways to resume daily Passrngers Train service

South Central Railway: Due to the Covid outbreak, some passenger trains had been stopped since March 23 of last year. For the past 15 months, passenger rail services remained suspended. The good news is that the trains will be accessible beginning next month, according to the authorities.

Almost every state across the country has eased the lockdown curbs while several others have entirely removed them. As a result, public transportation has gained traction. The Indian Railways, in particular, has announced that numerous trains will be re-launched.

Officials are enumerating passenger trains, in addition to express and ultra-fast trains, which have already begun operating.
Passenger trains will be introduced soon, providing low-cost passenger transportation.

The South-Central Railway has lately turned its attention to passenger trains after launching MMTS services in Hyderabad. Every day, over 100 passenger trains run from various regions of Telangana.

Passenger trains are extremely convenient for millions of individuals who take the train to work in the city every morning and return home in the evening.

EMU, Push-Pull, DEMU, MEMU and Passenger trains will start from Medchal, Manoharabad, Undanagar, Warangal, Kazipet, Hanmakonda, Tandoor, Vikarabad, Mahabubnagar, Kurnool, Nizamabad, Manuguru, Taditara and other places.

Because of the Covid outbreak, trains have been halted since March 23 of last year. For the past 15 months, passenger rail services have been suspended.

Passengers were in significant danger as a result of this. The smooth routine of many individuals who travel to Hyderabad every day on monthly passes costing only Rs.100 was disturbed.

Authorities plan to start running passenger trains in stages starting in July, depending on how popular MMTS services are.

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