In West Bengal, there are claims of an increase in the number of Muslims in the census

A report submitted by the Census Office claims that the Muslim population in West Bengal has increased by 2.6 million in the last one year. The census in India is conducted every 10 years. This process takes at least five years. The survey is conducted on various economic and social grounds. According to the Census Office, the population of Muslims in West Bengal in 2020 was 248,054,625. It is expected to increase to 282.53 million in 2021. In other words, in one year this difference is 25 lakh 96 thousand 719.

The 2011 survey report was officially released on August 25, 2015. According to this, the Muslim population in India increased by 0.6% while in West Bengal it increased by 1.6%. The total population of West Bengal is 9.12 million. There are 64 million Hindus on the basis of religion. Hindus make up 60.53% of the total population of West Bengal. The Muslim population was 24 million which is 26.01% of the total population.

State Opposition Leader Shubhandu Adhikari has demanded a special census to control the population in the state. Shubhndu claims, “Laws are needed to control the population. For this we need a special census in West Bengal. Shubhandu says that if Bengal is to be saved, Bangladeshi infiltrators, Rohingyas are to be driven out, then more drastic measures will have to be taken. “I hope the central government will make arrangements,” he said. He further said that we have straightened Kashmir, we will straighten Bengal.

The theme for this year’s World Bank’s “World Development Report” is “Data for a Better Life”. According to sociologist Orbando Ghosh, in the context of the census, “its role in the development of society is undeniable. Database can clear up many misconceptions.”

kazi Maolana Abdul Wahid sahab

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