Gandhi Hospital video show dry taps, garbage in toilets

HYDERABAD: Two Covid waves have gone past, but facilities at government hospitals continue to remain shabby.

In a viral video shot at Gandhi Hospital, the family member of a patient can be heard and seen showing poorly maintained toilets in an ICU ward above the emergency block.

While the ICU appears to be neat and clean, the toilet has a large pile of waste which has not been cleared. “Doctors are visiting the place nearly three-four times a day. The third party agency is only cleaning areas which are inspected by doctors. Since doctors don’t inspect the toilet, the toilet is full of piled up garbage,” the man who shot the video can be heard saying.
He further narrates how the water supply is poor in the said ward as taps are defunct. “The taps don’t work and are broken. During the pandemic, when washing hands is the most basic thing to keep the virus at bay, the taps must function,” said the patient’s son. Due to this lack of maintenance of taps, the large dustbins have been converted into storage tanks, he said. Meanwhile Dr Raja Rao, Superintendent of the hospital assured that all efforts are being made to keep the hospital neat.
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