Bjp will from next government in Telangana,says Home Minister Amit Shah

Hyderabad: Union Home Minister Amit Shah today expressed confidence that BJP will form the next government in Telangana State.
Addressing a public meeting organised by the BJP state party at Nirmal on the occasion of ” Hyderabad Liberation Day” today, the Union Home Minister said BJP government would celebrate September 17 officially after coming to power.

The day would be celebrated as an independent day for Telangana, he said adding that Hyderabad was liberated from the clutches of Nizam rule with the interference of then home minister Sardar Patel.

Terming the TRS government a ” coward” government led by KCR, Amit Shah recalled that CM KCR had told during Telangana agitation that his party would celebrate the day officially.

Then what happened to your promise, Shah asked and questioned why KCR is afraid of celebrating September 17 officially when Karnataka and Maharashtra states have been officially celebrating it.

Amit Shah thundered ”why and whom you are afraid of “. The TRS government is a coward, family ruled and corrupt government, he said adding that the KCR government is functioning under the duress of AIMIM.

BJP will not fear Majlis nor our party would follow impeachment politics. The people of Telangana are behind the party and it would form the next government in the state, Amit Shah said.

Stating that 1000 tribals have been hanged to Marri tree here in 1860 who fought against Nizam he asked KCR have you forgotten the sacrifices of this martyrs. He further said the sacrifices of Ramji Gondu, Komaram Bheem, and other martyrs would not go waste.
Amit Shah said Praja Sangram yatra launched by state party president Bandi Sanjay Kumar is against corrupt TRS government and this is meant to address grievances and problems of Dalits, downtrodden, women, farmers and youth.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is endeavoring for the welfare of the poor in the country, he said and appealed to the people of Telangana to give a chance to party to serve them better.
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