Bihar: Health department alerted in view of floods

Mobile clinics have been set up in three dozen boats for the low-lying areas of the state. The flood victims will be treated. The clinic will be accompanied by doctors, ANMs and paramedics.

In view of the possibility of floods in about a dozen districts of Bihar, the health department has formulated a strategy to address every health issue. The department has set up mobile clinics on boats to provide timely treatment to the flood-affected population. More than 2 dozen mobile clinics have been set up on the boats which will provide home treatment facilities to the affected people in case of disconnection from the road. According to the information received from the health department, the officers in charge of monitoring the mobile clinics built on the boats have been instructed that these clinics should be constantly moving in the affected areas so that their health can be taken care of outside the affected person’s house if required ۔ Significant arrangements have also been made for medicine in the mobile clinic based on boats. These medicines will be provided free of cost to the victims. According to information received from the department, the clinic built on boats will also have paramedics along with doctors and ANM.
Flood risk in districts
It should be noted that there is a danger of flood in almost all the districts of the state. In these districts, about 5 blocks and more than 5 gram panchayats are partially or completely affected by floods affecting a population of about one and a half crore.
Arrangements for immunization of newborns and pregnant women
The process of vaccinating pregnant women with newborns will continue during the floods, which will last for a month and a half. Block-level ANM and Asha workers have already identified the families where the baby was born and the households in which they are pregnant. Even in the event of a flood, timely vaccination of identified children and pregnant women will continue.
Maternity management too
Along with vaccinations, delivery arrangements have also been made by the health department. Regular maternity huts have also been set up for this purpose. In view of possible floods, the health department is in full alert mode and is already active in health preparations. The health department is trying to ensure that no one is disturbed in the treatment of a patient due to the floods, so a mobile clinic has been set up on the boats.
Nitish Kumar has also held a meeting
In the first week of May to the end of May, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has held separate meetings with officials and public representatives to deal with the floods. Suggestions for dealing. Nitish Kumar has directed the concerned department to take special precaution to monitor the embankments in case of floods. For this, patrol work should be done regularly. According to him, the monitoring team should be given special training. The Department of Water Resources should ensure this. There should be no shortage of boats in flood-hit areas. Nitish Kumar had also said that a special campaign should be launched in view of the fears of children drowning in pits due to floods after rains.
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