Asim, a young man from Hyderabad, turned an old bicycle into an e-bike

HYDERABAD: Fed up with rising petrol prices, Abdul Asim, an engineer from Hyderabad, converted his bicycle into an electric bike to save money on travel expenses.

Abdul Asim, who had to spend more than Rs 150 a day to get to and from work, converted his old bicycle into an electric bike. Asim, a resident of Vengal Rao Nagar in Amirpet, says his e-bike can cover a distance of 40 km.

He bought two-volt batteries, a 250-watt brushless DC electric motor (BLDC) motor, accelerator, headlights, horn and other spare parts for Rs. 6,500 and made an electric cycle from it. He said that one unit of electricity is required daily to charge two batteries. My daily petrol consumption has come down from around Rs 150 to Rs 5 per day, Asim added, adding that he is ready to guide those who want to convert their old bicycles into e-bikes.

kazi Maolana Abdul Wahid sahab

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