All India Payam Insaniya program at Nidwat Ulama Lucknow


A grand program was organized by All India Payam Insaniyat Forum on Wednesday, August 31, 2022, at Hyder Ali Khan Conference Hall under the premises of Darul Uloom Nidwa Ul Ulama, presided over by Hazrat Maulana Bilal Abdul Hayi Husni Nadvi (General Director of Darul Uloom). Nidwat Ulama Lucknow and General Secretary All India Payam Insaniya Forum) said on this occasion Shri Abhijit R. Shankar IPS Additional DCP North Lucknow, and Smt Jaya Shindelia PPSA DCP Maha Nagar. Lucknow Maulana Fakhrul Hasan Sahib, Maulana Qaiser Sahib, Maulana Zubair Sahib Shafiq Bhai Chaudhary etc. were also present. Honorary certificate was given by Bilal Abdul Hayi Hasani Nadvi Sahib Damat Barakatham and certificates were also distributed by the special guests. Appreciation on this occasion was given by Nizamat Maulana Istfaul Hasan Sahib

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